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Publisher's Weekly

Three Stanford seniors creating a bestselling book from their dorm room caused a publishing sensation, leading to a coveted feature article in Publisher's Weekly.

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The New York Times Book Review

The How to College phenomenon was featured in The New York Times Book Review.


USA Today

As the story of How to College went national, the book was featured in USA Today, which boosted sales and distribution, pushing the title towards national bestseller status.

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Nationwide Syndication Deals

As How to College sales mounted, national magazines such at Whittle Corp's On Your Own inked syndication deals with the team.

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LinkedIn Feature Article

Pulitzer Prize winning business writer George Anders wrote an article about  working with Will Jeakle and Filmateria to promote his bestselling book "You Can Do Anything." Sometimes, serious business can be a joke.

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Seattle Times

Team Marco Polo burst on the scene with a flurry of great press extolling the innovative nature of the program. Launching to more than a million YouTube views, the show has become a classroom staple and favorite of thousands of parents and kids.

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Stanford Magazine

Normally the purview of Nobel prize winners and Rhodes Scholars, Stanford Magazine took note of the rocketing success of some of the universities youngest alums.

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Puget Sound Business Journal Feature

Seattle's Puget Sound Business Journal did a feature article about Jeakle's company TV Books which was churning out a series of bestsellers from "Bill Nye The Science Guy's Big Blast of Science" to CBS-TVs "Beakman's World."

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