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I’m Will Jeakle. Writer, educator, entrepreneur, and lover of great creativity, especially humor.

I became a bestselling author at age 21 while at Stanford University, when I penned How to College with two fellow students. 

After Stanford, I joined CNN as a director of special projects. My tasks included helping the planning for CNN Europe, and and helming numerous special projects for CEO Ted Turner. 

I left CNN in 1990 to launch TV Books, a publishing and production company, which developed a Bill Nye, the Science Guy television pilot and book. I sold TV Books to Broadway Video in 1997, and co-launched Filmateria. At Filmateria, I oversee the creative direction of the company, as well as exploring new media ventures. Filmateria has helped market products as diverse as Xbox, YouTube’s Screening Room, and Bungie’s Halo video game. 

As writer, producer, and director, I’ve created hundreds of film and video titles directing amazing talent including astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Jeopardy star Ken Jennings, actor and comedian Ed Helms and Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary.

I conceived and created the YouTube kids’ series Team Marco Polo, which has garnered numerous honors, millions of views, and thousands of subscribers. 

I’ve since written five books, numerous newspaper articles, a regular column for Girls’ Life magazine and a stint a column focusing on the liberal arts for

My work has appeared on Comedy Central, The New York Times, USA Today, Girls’ Life Magazine, Forbes, and The Washington Post. 

I’m currently working on a memoir about my experiences at Stanford.

I live in Seattle with my wife Marisa. Our three children, Matt (27), Siena (25), and Gabriella (21) all live and work or go to school in Los Angeles. I enjoys traveling (parlo un po’ d’ Italiano) and hanging out with my family and our epileptic chocolate lab dog, Muddy. 

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